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The Wych Elm

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In 1943, twins, Betty and Robert Gable, Robin Hart, and Judith Payne were looking for bird nests in Hagley Wood, part of the Hagley Estate belonging to Lord Cobham, when they discovered a human skeleton inside the hollow of a Wych Elm. Then graffiti appeared near the site that read “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” To this day no one knows the identity of Bella, her murderer, and why. Since this gruesome discovery, the town has never been the same and in particular, the four have been haunted by what they saw, in more ways than one. Fifteen years later, Betty and Robert have returned home upon their father’s death to take care of his affairs. Robert’s wife Linda has invited everyone over to her father, Lord Cobham’s estate, to put the past behind them.