"I had an opportunity recently to play Foulplay’s virtual murder mystery, Wanderstar—it was a blast! The game was complex enough to have several plot lines going at once, but it was simple enough that doing it online was accessible and didn’t lose anything due to the lack of physical clues or interpersonal espionage."

- Brandon

Explore The Outskirts of the galaxy with your friends without leaving your home!

Wanderstar: Remote Worlds - Foulplay Games
Wanderstar: Remote Worlds - Foulplay Games

Wanderstar: Remote Worlds

In The Outskirts of the Frontier Star System, the crews of The Empress and The Calamity Jane have put aside old rivalries to apprehend infamous outlaw, Kaelen Longherst, and collect the bounty from Enforcer Barclay. While a dust storm threatens to keep the crews on lockdown, there is a still a lot to celebrate as they exchange the outlaw, alive, at Blackjack Cantina, a watering hole in Lone Rock Port well-known for attracting smugglers, gamblers, merchants, and crew members alike. But the past is not easily forgotten, and long-buried secrets and a mysterious lost treasure threaten to up the stakes.
Content Warning

Gambling, alcohol consumption, mild violence, and suggestive themes.

Recommended for ages 16+

- Host an online murder mystery game in the comfort of your home (or office chair!). 
- Play with 8-10 friends over video conference.
- Find the clues and solve the murder.
- Get your revenge, capture the bounty, and maybe find a treasure or two.

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