Foulplay COVID-19 Policies and Practices                                                             

As a company that delights in bringing people together, COVID-19 has been tough. As this pandemic continues, we are still mindful about the safety of our customers and our community.

We will not be hosting or participating in any upcoming in-person events scheduled for the foreseeable future. This includes participating in any in-person conventions, or hosting any in-person events or playtests.

We strongly encourage our customers and others to do the same and refrain gathering in-person for any activity. Foulplay does not condone or encourage in-person gatherings to play our games at this time.

All of our games can be downloaded and played online virtually.

You should look to your local guidelines as well as the CDC for updates and best practices to stay safe and healthy in your community.

We are hosting murder mystery games and playtests online! The best way to keep updated on online events and opportunities to connect is via our email list or via social media on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out to us at with any questions about upcoming events.

We hope that you all stay safe and healthy.  You are on our minds, and we are grateful for all your support!

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Upcoming Online Events

Join Foulplay during #GeekGirlConline for two pop-up murder mystery games of our space western-themed game, WANDERSTAR!

Each game can host 15 players and is suitable for players ages 15+. This game is free but registration is required!

Sign up here:

WANDERSTAR is a freeform, unscripted murder mystery game. Players will be given a character when they arrive and will spend the next couple hours interacting with other characters while trying to figure out whodunnit! Players will have other goals to accomplish as well, so choose your friends and enemies carefully!

We will also give away a free Foulplay game to two attendees! Players will need a desktop/laptop computer, internet, and a webcam. Dressing up to the theme is encouraged but not required! Feel free to wear your Halloween Costume!

WANDERSTAR Game Description:

In The Outskirts of the Frontier Star System, the crews of The Empress and The Calamity Jane have put aside old rivalries to apprehend infamous outlaw, Kaelen Longherst, and collect the bounty from Enforcer Barclay. While a dust storm threatens to keep the crews on lockdown, there is a lot to celebrate as they exchange the outlaw, alive, at Blackjack Cantina, a watering hole in Lone Rock Port well-known for attracting smugglers, gamblers, merchants, and crew members alike. But the past is not easily forgotten, and long-buried secrets and a mysterious lost treasure threaten to up the stakes.

Past Events


Make new friends (and maybe a few enemies!) while solving a murder all from the comfort of your home! Foulplay is hosting several online murder mystery games from September 16th through September 20th during PAX Online. At Foulplay, we tell stories through interactive freeform murder mystery games. Our games bring geeks, gamers, theater geeks, movie buffs, D&D players, and true crime fans together to discover a mystery and accomplish a few of their own goals along the way. We believe it's still possible to have a great party, even virtually!

Stay tuned for a schedule of online games and more information on how to sign up. No prior murder mystery experience is needed but you will need a functioning webcam, a laptop or desktop computer, and reliable internet. These are free events but registration required.

What To Expect: Our murder mystery parties are unscripted, meaning you will have a character background that includes personality traits and goals to accomplish, but how you do so is up to you! Everyone will be assigned a character, and you will "act" or roleplay as your character throughout the party. The murderer knows they are the murderer and is trying to cover their tracks while the other players try to figure out whodunnit!

What to Wear: You can dress like your character as much or as little as you would like! Feel free to use that cosplay you were going to wear to PAX!

We will be offering a discount code throughout PAX Online as well as giving out one free game per event!

Foulplay is a women-owned, creative business based in Seattle specializing in downloadable murder mystery games and hosted client events, both in-person and online. We write murder mystery games for geeks and have hosted pop-up games at GGC and Nerdfaire. This is not an official PAX event and we are not affiliated

You can sign up for our email list below to receive updates on our upcoming events, new games, and much more! 

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We had so much fun debuting at GeekGirlCon 2019!
Here were some of our featured events!

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Foulplay Presents: The Curious Case of Women and True Crime

Join Foulplay at GeekGirlCon for a panel on Women and True Crime! Murder mystery has been a popular genre for years--from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie novels--but recently, true crime has surged into mainstream popularity. The rise of podcasts, shows, and documentaries like Serial, Making a Murderer, and My Favorite Murder highlight the increasing demand for the genre. This panel will discuss the rise of true crime as a popular genre, including what makes it so popular with women, and explore how the genre can grow from here.

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm in Korra

Foulplay Presents: Geek Hard, Play Hard: Adults Need Geeky Events

Play is no longer just for kids! While the stereotype remains that most geeks prefer to enjoy their favorite fandoms alone, over the last few years we are seeing the rise of the social geek. Comic conventions, quidditch, murder mysteries, parties, and other interactive geeky events are more popular than ever. These events add excitement and spontaneity into our everyday lives and allow attendees to be the hero of their own story. Join us for a panel on the importance of interactive geeky events for building community, cultivating joy, escaping reality, and giving adults the chance to play.

2:30-3:30 in Sammus

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Foulplay Presents: A Pop-Up Murder Mystery Party at GeekGirlCon

Enjoy a night of strategy and scheming at GeekGirlCon by playing one Foulplay’s murder mystery roleplaying games! We take inspiration from history and pop culture to create interactive gameplay experiences using deeply-connected storylines, engaging game elements, and unique characters. There are no scripts--you decide what path to take to fulfill your goals and solve the murder. No experience is necessary to play, and we will review how-to’s and best gameplay practices.

Join us for The Curious Carnival, a traveling circus in 1919, celebrating the centennial birthday for the carnival’s famed fortune telling twins. You will receive a character profile, your goals and objectives for the night, money and everything else you need to jump on in. The night is bound to be a showstopper--come feel the magic up close! 


Launch Party

Join us Sunday, November 17th for a beer and to celebrate our company's launch! We will be wrapping up our first convention at GeekGirlCon. We couldn't have done it without the support of our friends, families, and community members who tested games and provided feedback along the way. We would like to share this moment with you!

We will be at Optimism Brewing with snacks from 6:00pm-8:30pm, so drop in if you can and come say hi! 

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