"Foulplay has uniquely mastered creating a traditionally in-person event into an immersive online experience. Both their in-person and online games are extremely fun, well written, and logistically solid. Highly recommend!!" 

- Katie

Mischief, Magic, and Mystery at The Starryfalls Spelling Bee!

A cover of a magical spellbook with the title,
A cover of a magical spellbook with the title,

The Spelling Bee

Every year on one magical night, the town of Starryfalls hosts a "Spelling Bee" for students of magic. Young spellcasters dress up in their best costumes, swap their secrets, and trick or treat each other with new magic spells! Students spend the year practicing and creating new spells to show to Professor Star, the Mayor of Starryfalls, for a special prize. But tonight, a mysterious new spell spoils the fun before it even begins, and the students must solve the mystery and save the Spelling Bee before it’s too late!

Content Warning

References to mischief, magic, and scary themes.

Recommended for ages 10+
This game is intended for kids!

- Host a mystery game for your kids entirely online!
- Find the clues and solve the mystery.
- Discover new magic, find the culprit, and delight in a spooktacular evening!  
-The Spelling Bee comes with everything you need to host your murder mystery game including instructions for hosting online! 

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