How to play a Foulplay murder mystery game

1. You are assigned a character. This character can range from good, to not-so-good, to somewhere in-between. You will receive a Character Profile with your character's background that includes information about who they are, who they know, and what brings them to the party.  

2. The game begins. You are now in character. You will have time to mix and mingle with the other characters and complete a short agenda. It is up to you how much you want to lean into your role--our games are unscripted and allow for people to engage with the party in whatever way they feel most comfortable. 

3. A character is murdered! The Investigator will present the evidence to the group and there will be more information about the murder for you to review.

4. Scheming and sleuthing.  After the murder, the real fun begins! You will receive a Goals and Objectives sheet outlining any information you know about the murder as well as other secrets and scandals of the night. There will also be a new set of goals for you to accomplish and help fill out the rest of the evening. While this information will put some of the pieces together, you will only have part of the puzzle! You and the other players now have the chance to bribe, blackmail, gossip, lie, omit, and share information as you believe your character would. There may even be an opportunity to remove some of your competition from the game.

5. Whodunnit. Players fill out cards indicating who they believe the original murderer was, and who had the best costume and best performance, as well as who had the most money. After the votes are tallied, The Solution is read and everyone reveals their secrets.