"Foulplay was so flexible and easy to work with. The game itself was incredibly fun, really brought our team together and was a welcome distraction during this difficult time."


Hire a Foulplay Event Host!

Our mission is to help geeks plan amazing parties! We can host private murder mystery parties entirely online for your birthday, company party, or social happy hour for 6 to 60 attendees. Our team has over a decade of experience conceptualizing, coordinating, and executing events and murder mystery parties. Have your guests play the suspects with a variety of fun inclusive event themes or hire our talented professional performers while your guests figure out whodunnit!   

Your guests receive a character background with a backstory, personality traits, and various goals to accomplish. Once the game begins, guests "act" as their character, interacting with others, moving through scenarios, while investigating, bribing, or blackmailing other characters. The murderer knows they are the killer and is trying to cover their tracks while the other players are trying to figure out whodunnit! A Foulplay guide will organize, set up, and host the party, allowing you and your guests to have fun accomplishing your goals and solving the murder. We have several interactive fun themes available depending on the size of your team. 

We can host virtual murder mystery parties for up to 60 guests! The game runs for 2 and a half hours and is hosted on a platform that allows guests to mix and mingle. 9 Foulplay performers play as “suspects” and interact with attendees throughout the evening. Attendees work in teams as the suspects visit their "tables" in rounds. The teams work together to find clues, review the evidence, and solve the crime together. Introductions and key plot points will be broadcast to the entire party.

This year we released our first mystery for kids! Recommended for ages 10+, your family will have a great time discovering new magic, finding the culprit, and delight in a spooktacular evening together. For groups of 5-8, with several roles for adults to join in on the fun!