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Frequently Asked Questions

Our games are for anyone and everyone looking for a fun, interactive evening of gameplay! Whether you are brand new to murder mystery roleplaying games, or are a seasoned sleuth, if you are looking for games that are progressive, modern, and fun, then our games are for you. We are particularly appealing to geeks, gamers, theater enthusiasts, escape room fans, dungeon masters, and true crime fans.

Please note that as a general rule, our games are only suitable for older teens and adults.

It depends on the game! All of our games outline a minimum and a maximum number of characters needed for game play. It is best to choose a game you feel confident you can fill to at least the minimum number of characters for the game to play out effectively. Remember to include the host in the count as well!

Our games include everything you need to throw a successful party! You will receive a Character Profile for each character, their Goals and Objectives after the murder, Evidence, the Solution, and other fun additions such as Weapon Cards, Items, and more!

The simple answer is, yes! At Foulplay, we don’t think it’s fair that the person who puts the most effort into planning the party misses out on all the action! We design all of our games so the host can fully participate in the story, even while knowing the identity of the murderer. We, of course, encourage the host to play a fair game, staying true to their character throughout the evening and not sharing any additional information they may know as the host. In each of our game instructions, we outline several characters that are appropriate for the host to play. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of things to do!.

Just like any party, the host of a murder mystery game provides everything attendees need to have a good time. We include a Host Guide in each game detailing everything you need to know to set up and host the game from start to finish! This guide will go into the specifics of assigning characters, preparing game materials, a run-of-show, and a few optional extras that can enhance the game experience.

After you purchase one of our games, you will receive a link to download a file of the game. You will have 30 days to download the game, after which, the link will expire. Please note this only gives one person, the buyer, the license to host the game. This does not entitle the buyer to share or distribute the game or host the game for profit. For more on this, see our Terms and Conditions.

As with any party, things like this happen! Our Host Guides cover most frequent situations that can occur, from having one too many players, to someone dropping out at the last minute.

At the start of your party, someone will be assigned to play the victim and die. As the host, you will assign them to another character so they can continue playing the game! During the game, there will be opportunities for players to kill other players if they choose. When a player dies, they can rejoin the game by playing another character, if there are any available, or they can join in as a general Investigator. More details about this can be found in the gameplay and Host Guide found in each game.

Expansion packs are special additions to the game to make them more challenging for attendees. These expansions do various things like incorporate additional characters to the game, put a new spin on the story by changing the setting or the murderer, or add special abilities or items to the game. There is no need to purchase an expansion pack to play the game--all of our games are designed to be fully playable on their own. They are simply additions and can be good if a host or guests wanted to replay a game.

Our games offer an inclusive playing experience. With gender neutral characters, the player chooses their pronouns, whether it’s he/him, she/her, they/them, or any other preference. This is more inclusive for our gender non-conforming folx, plus gives our games lots of flexibility so hosts do not need to worry about getting a precise group of people to fill gender-specific characters for the game to work. In our games, we try to keep our ratios evenly distributed between male, female, and gender neutral characters.

Additionally, while we do encourage openness and people of any gender playing any role they want, not everyone feels comfortable portraying a character who is a different gender than they identify as. In the same vein, sometimes when people play a character from a different gender than their own, it can be done distastefully. We ask that you keep in mind the comfort level of your guests to make sure everyone has the game experience they desire.

Some characters will have romances and affairs with each other throughout the night, and are generally an additional opportunity to have an ally and friend in the game. We strongly encourage our players and hosts to be mindful of other guest’s personal space and keep all “flirting” limited to talking only and PG-rated. For more on this, see our Terms and Conditions.

Yes! Our games can and do have LGBTQ relationships in them. LGBTQ relationships in our games are no different than any other relationship.

We include content warnings for each of our games to identify sensitive content that hosts and players may wish to avoid for various reasons. An example would be “drug references” or “suggestive themes” to flag drug-smuggling or extoic dancing. We do not have content warnings for LGBTQ content because one, simply put, we don’t believe that identifying as LGBTQ or being in LGBTQ relationships are content warnings that need to be flagged, and two, depending on how your players identify, LGBTQ relationships could be present or not in a game, as outlined previously.

In order to run these games for profit, you need to purchase a business license. Please contact us at foulplaycompany@gmail.com if that is something you are interested in.

In order to run these games as a fundraiser for a non-profit, you will need to submit a donation request form from your nonprofit and details of your event. Please contact us at foulplaycompany@gmail.com if that is something you are interested in.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of our online game sales. If you are not completely satisfied with your game, please contact us at foulplaycompany@gmail.com within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund. We reserve the right to limit refunds to customers to one refund per lifetime.

Whether you are hosting your first game or are a long-time customer, we want you to have a memorable and entertaining experience playing our games. If you encounter a problem, we encourage you to contact us at foulplaycompany@gmail.com anytime. We are happy to assist with any questions or issues you may have regarding our games, including host trouble-shooting.