Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Foulplay games for?
What is the difference between an online game and an in-person game?
How many players do I need?
What is included in a Foulplay game?
Can the host play?
What does the host do?
How do I recieve my game?
What if someone drops out or wants to join last minute?
What happens if a character dies?
What are expansion packs? What is included in an expansion pack?
What do you mean by "gender neutral" characters?
How do romantic relationships work in your games?
So does this mean a male character could be in another relationship with another male character? Or a female with a female?
What do your content warnings mean?
Can I run these games for profit?
Can I run these games as a fundraiser for a nonprofit?
What is your refund policy?
Help! I have a question about my game that isn't listed here!