Why Foulplay?

At Foulplay, we tell stories through interactive freeform murder mystery games. Our games bring geeks, gamers, theater geeks, movie buffs, D&D players, and true crime fans together to discover a mystery and accomplish a few of their own goals along the way. 

Our team has been playing murder mystery games for over a decade. In 2009, we founded Foulplay: A Murder Mystery Club at Western Washington University, proudly named one of the '6 Quirkiest Clubs' by USA Today College Edition in 2012!    

We started writing our own games back then because we found many of the games we purchased and played lacked a compelling and original story, multi-dimensional characters, or respectful inclusions of content such as LGBTQ relationships. We wanted to move away from generic tropes and dive into more meaty stories with intrigue and consequences that we could fully envelop ourselves in. We wanted progressive games where everyone could see themselves in the story. What stayed with us all these years was not only did members have a great time scheming with friends both new and old, but we also created a place for people to explore different aspects of themselves while safely in character. 

In 2019, we decided to found Foulplay to share these games with others. Our stories are guided by our experiences with community building, event programming, and shaped by our values.  

Our Values


We explore outside of the defined genre of role-playing and murder mystery by creating new content and game elements. We like to take risks and try new things.


We like to play with history and pop culture to ask “what if?” Our stories are built on multi-dimensional characters and unique plots to draw in the player. By using our imaginations, we hope our customers feel empowered to use theirs. 


We believe every person deserves to see themselves in a story. Our games promote progressive values and create space for players to explore different elements of themselves.


We want people to have a good time while playing our games. It’s that simple. 

Who Are We?


In 2009, Maddy founded a murder mystery club at Western Washington University. While it started as just a college club, it was soon clear there was a need for creative space for folks to tell stories. With a decade of event programming experience, she loves to craft intentional events and innovate new ways to celebrate community and allow adults to play.

Maddy attended Western Washington University and earned a BA in Psychology and a minor in French. When she’s not writing murder mystery games, she is traveling, reading comics, playing video games, planning parties, and learning how to bake bread.


Kristen originally hails from a small town in eastern Washington. She went to Western Washington University and earned a BA in Creative Writing. She helped found the murder mystery club on campus as a way to make new friends and immediately got to work helping to write and edit games she and other members created for the club. Years later, the murder mystery itch continued, and here she is co-founding a murder mystery business. 

Growing up, she was a self-professed nerd and still proudly holds that title. Her passions include attending cons, reading, video games, cosplay, advocacy, kitties, history podcasts, and Star Wars.