Why We Love to Use Remo for Foulplay Events!

When this whole pandemic started, a key piece of our business--hosting in-person parties and gatherings--was suddenly not an option. In this new world of online events and interactions, we had to make a decision about if and how we could move our games online. As two people who love building community and providing entertainment through in-person events, we questioned whether it was possible to recreate the atmosphere and even the technical aspects of a real life murder mystery party. 

When we came across Remo, we knew we had found the perfect platform to host our murder mystery parties in a way that rivals in-person events. Here are 4 reasons why we love to use Remo for our virtual experiences:

  1. Interactive Space and Free Movement
    One of the things we were amazed with from the beginning was how intuitive the platform’s function of movement is. When entering the Remo event space, it is easy to connect to the room and the layout; players can see the floor space from above and easily see where every player is seated. Players also have the ability to move around the room via their icons by double-clicking tables in the room, putting the control directly in the hands of our players to move themselves around without relying on a host. This feature truly transforms this virtual space into something closer to a real life event.

  2. Presentation Mode
    Remo’s presentation mode is one of its best features for helping our games go smoothly. We love how it allows us to quickly cover ground rules and introductions before the game gets started! It’s also one of our favorite things because we get to see people’s creative costumes and backgrounds right off the bat! Later in the game, we can get everyone's attention in the space for additional announcements and wrap everything up in a timely manner.

  3. Private Table Chats
    Undoubtedly the strongest feature of Remo is how each “table” functions like a separate room, which plays a big part in making our virtual Foulplay events feel closer to an in-person party. Each table on Remo’s map is a private video chat “room,” allowing players to have their own conversations without people at other tables overhearing. Guests can move freely between tables and also clearly see who is at each table in real time, giving people a good opportunity to jump right into a conversation, much like a real life game! Remo’s new room layouts and table formats also allow for one on one meetings, perfect for private plotting and scheming!

  4. Chat Feature
    The final feature we love in Remo is the chat feature. It has saved us so much time by letting us send our players documents and PDFs and other information they need quickly through the platform chat instead of via email. We can reach each of our guests quickly through the individual chat feature as well as post any updates or information to the general chat for everyone to see. It also allows our guests to discreetly ask for help or tips during the game. 


If you are interested in using Remo for your own business or events, and want a tour of the space, send us an email at foulplaycompany@gmail.com and we are happy to help!

You can hire us to host your private party or event on Remo today! We host private games for 6-30 players. For more than 30 players or for a custom experience, feel free to get in touch to tell us more about your specific needs and how we can help.