5 Reasons You Should Host a Foulplay Game for Your Next Party

If you are anything like we are, you are always trying to throw a fun and exciting party for your friends and family that they will never forget! If the phrase “over-the-top” isn’t in your vocabulary, then you are definitely our kind of people! Murder mystery games fit the bill for a fun, unique experience that your friends and family will talk about for weeks!

But what makes a good murder mystery game? There are so many varieties and styles out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. After hosting and writing murder mystery games for over a decade, we wanted to create a party experience that was inclusive, imaginative, and accessible! Here are 5 reasons you should choose a Foulplay game for your next murder mystery party!


1. Creative Themes

    Our themes are inspired by our love of history, pop-culture, and creative story-telling. We love subverting expectations and creating an atmosphere where people feel free to use their imaginations.

    We have a variety of themes to explore, from a more typical theme of 1950’s Hollywood to an adventurous space western in a far-off galaxy, and a few more in-between! You will always find unique characters and intricate plots with many different ways to play so you can have tons of variety for your next gathering!


    2. Gender Neutral Characters

    We include plenty of gender-neutral characters in our games not only to help our hosts plan their party more efficiently (does anyone have exactly 9 female friends and 7 male friends they can invite specifically to fill a game on a whim?!) but also to allow players to choose their pronouns and be more inclusive to those in our community who identify as LGBTQ. Our games frequently include LGBTQ relationships as well through this feature. 

    3. Foulplay Cards

      Just when everyone is getting comfortable with their evening, we like to add a little more intrigue and fun to the party! Our games turn the tables by allowing players the opportunity to potentially remove other players from the game! This element can certainly add a fun twist to the evening and get players to think more strategically about their gameplay and, of course, add a bit of drama to the night!


      4. Open-Concept Games

      Our games are unscripted and allow players to dive as deeply into their character and goals as they would like. Everything is open to each person on how they play their character, and each person can choose to play the game in a style that works for them! Whether you are a wallflower who prefers to let people find you or you want to be the center of attention, both of these personalities will be comfortable in our gaming environment. With no awkward scripts or anecdotes to memorize, the possibilities are endless for you and your group to make the evening your own! We find that our players come back to play our games again and again with different experiences each time!

      5. Experience

      We have over a decade of experience conceptualizing, coordinating, and executing events and murder mystery parties. We know what makes a great game and our Host Guides walk you through every step of setting up your event, including inviting guests, assigning characters, and some tips for when things may get dicey! If you have any questions regarding your game or set up, we are always available to help you troubleshoot as well!

        Bonus: We will never have content in our games like domestic abuse, rape, or other elements of this nature. We have seen far too many games that include this kind of content, and we firmly believe there are intriguing story elements that can help to develop the story that don’t rely on these uncomfortable themes.