Tips for Hosting a Virtual Murder Mystery Party

During this time, many of us had to shift our celebrations and social get-togethers to virtual hangouts and activities. While many of us have adjusted to this new way of connecting with colleagues, family, and friends, we get it--sometimes it can be tedious and frankly a bit daunting to come up with fun and exciting things to still do online. For those who love hosting fun get-togethers like murder mystery parties, the question you may have is, “can I shift this activity online?” The simple answer is, yes! 

Hosting a virtual game is easier than you think! You can create a virtual murder mystery experience that rivals an in-person gathering, and bonus, you don’t have to leave your home or worry about doing all the things that involve hosting guests like providing food, drinks, and making sure you have enough toilet paper! Plus, you can invite even more friends and family to participate than you may have room for, which is great for those who live in apartments or small spaces! To ensure a fun party and a smooth set up, here is what you need to do to host a virtual murder mystery game:

  • Purchase your game: Consider what theme your group would be most interested in playing. Are they traditional Clue fans or open to something more unique like a space western? Foulplay has several great interactive online games to choose from! 

  • Set up your tech: Pick the video platform you want to host your game on! The ultimate goal is to try and make your virtual party have the same feel as an in-person gathering by creating individual “rooms” or video chats where people can mix and mingle while sharing secrets and scheming. We recommend Google Meet, Zoom, or Discord to achieve this interactive format.

  • Invite your guests and assign characters: Just like a regular in-person party, you can send an email or create a Facebook event inviting people to your online party! We recommend creating a Google Form or Survey Money for people to sign up and pick their character preferences.

  • Send characters: Once you’ve assigned characters, be sure to let your guests know a few days before your game so people can prepare for their roles and get any costume items ready (or ordered!) before their character debut! Which brings us to...


  • Encourage people to dress up in costume: A great way to immerse yourself in the new world of virtual games is to have people dress up! Going all out is great if people can, but sometimes even a small accessory or a bit more of a dressy outfit can really help set the scene!


  • Replace or decorate your background: Another great way to transport yourself and your guests by changing your screen background if the platform allows. You can find tons of images online of free backgrounds that will help set the scene, or you can get creative and use what you have on hand. Either way, it's sure to draw some interest and help others get in the spirit as well!

  • Be prepared to troubleshoot: As with any party, once things get rolling, sometimes issues can arise! Whether guests have trouble with their microphone or just have questions about their tasks for the evening, you can always be at the ready to help them through it. Our host guides go over your role as Host as well as outline tips and tricks to run a smooth game and fix common issues that may come up. 


  • Leave hangout time for the end of the party! Just like a real-life game, you should allow your guests some extra time after the game ends and the solution is revealed to discuss the juicy details of the evening and swap stories!

Bonus: Want to play a murder mystery game with your friends but don’t want to host? Have us host for you! We have online packages for private and corporate events!