Host a Spooktacular Online Party!

For all the geeks and ghouls out there who find themselves wondering what to do in lieu of in-person spooky events for Halloween, why not host a virtual Halloween murder mystery party! Whether you and your friends are bummed you can’t hit the town in your best costume or you have kids stuck at home missing out on trick or treating, you can host one of our Halloween games and have a spooktacular time! 

If you have a smaller group, explore the mystery of a haunted estate in The Wych Elm if you are in the mood for a more traditional scary Halloween party theme. Or if you have a larger group of adults, you can discover the magic of The Curious Carnival and see what mysteries await you under the tent! 

And for some fun for the whole family, we put a new twist on our typical murder mystery game so kids could join in on the fun of a Foulplay game! Travel to Starryfalls with other students of magic and solve the mystery of who transformed the Professor before the annual spell competition!

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For Kids: The Spelling Bee

Every year on one magical night, the town of Starryfalls hosts a "Spelling Bee" for students of magic. Young spellcasters dress up in their best costumes, swap their secrets, and trick or treat each other with new magic spells! Students spend the year practicing and creating new spells to show to Professor Star, the Mayor of Starryfalls, for a special prize. But tonight, a mysterious new spell spoils the fun before it even begins, and the students must solve the mystery and save the Spelling Bee before it’s too late!

For Small Groups: The Wych Elm

In 1943, twins Betty and Robert Gable, Robin Hart, and Judith Payne were looking for bird nests in Hagley Wood, part of the Hagley Estate belonging to Lord Cobham, when they discovered a human skeleton inside the hollow of a Wych Elm. Then graffiti appeared near the site that read “Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?” To this day no one knows the identity of Bella, her murderer, and why. Since this gruesome discovery, the town has never been the same and in particular, the four have been haunted by what they saw, in more ways than one. Fifteen years later, Betty and Robert have returned home upon their father’s death to take care of his affairs. Robert’s wife Linda has invited everyone over to her father, Lord Cobham’s estate, to put the past behind them.

For larger parties: The Curious Carnival and The Curious Carnival: After Hours

It’s 1919, one year since the Great War and the Curious Carnival will be celebrating the centennial birthday for Vanya and Vaska Kalderash, the famed fortune-telling twins. Not everything looks like it will be fun and games though. Rumor has it, not everyone is happy with the current ringleader, Esmeralda Petrovic, and there are rumors of impossible feats taking place outside of the tents. And what of the gossip that the circus is peddling something more than entertainment? Tonight is bound to be a showstopper, come feel the magic up close!


This version of the Curious Carnival involves a few more risqué elements that one would expect from a carnival and is for adults only. Join in the revelry and find out what scandalous activities the performers are up to!  


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